Elements of

Ice and Fire

The journey begins...

Elements of Ice and Fire



Since generations the citizens of the small town "Eastmill" had a secret to protect. Magic abilities had been passed from generation to generation.

But only a few chosen one were able to master the abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Each one had to make a choice between the two elements of ice and fire. No one has ever been able to control the combined power.

Until one day a threat arises which seems to bring doom to the entire kingdom and can only be stopped by the power of the two elements...

About the Game

"Elements of Ice and Fire" is a multi-platform Action-RPG which will be avaible on PC, Mac, iOS and Android in 2014. A checkpoint system will make it possible to synchronize your savegames across different platforms. You will be able to play on PC at home, save the game and continue to play on the couch on your iOS or Android tablet.

The different platforms will have different control-schemes. PC and Mac will feature Diablo-like controls, touch-enabled devices will feature fully gesture-based controls.

More info coming soon...


Contact Info

+49 152 0277 9245


Christoph Bockhahn
Kentzlerdamm 6
Germany, Hamburg 20537